Personal information

Native german, born 1967

experience in security business since 2011

  • english B2
  • little spanish
  • some french
armin kaul 52224 stolberg rheinland
Armin Kaul

Desired employment

  • surveillance
  • security patrols
  • security service

Work experience

  • factory security and porter
  • gatekeeper
  • construction site guard
  • store detective
  • event security
gatekeeper in army barracks
  • monitoring vehicles and individuals
  • checking authorized peoples`s access authorisations
  • recording personal data from visitors
store detective in an electronics department store
  • Doorman/Shopguard at the entrance area
  • supervision and guidance of the shop`s clients
  • detecting shoplifters by camera surveillance
  • uncovering shoplifters
  • surveillance of goods using antitheft devices
  • detective work in the shop
  • intervention force at the electronic retail security system
  • filing of criminal complaints
  • internal coordination of day-to-day business in a consumer market
  • disclosure of information to the company management
factory security and porter in an industrial bakery
  • access control
  • visitor management and instructing suppliers
  • locking and unlocking company premises
  • status checks of plant and machinery under security relevant aspects
  • assuring compliance with preventive fire protection regulations
  • monitoring the fire detection system
construction site guarding
night watchman in a trade fair
various application areas in event security
  • sports events (soccer / ice hockey)
    • checks at the entrance area
    • spectators lounge
    • routing car traffic / parking area management
  • music events outdoors and music hall
    • supporting stage construction (stagehand)
    • surveillance in backstage-area
    • visitor`s access control
  • cultural events
    • safety and security on a christmas market
    • carnival festival tent
    • checking for forbidden items

Education and Training

Security Services Expert

as per § 37 German Vocational Training Act

  • Proper conduct and action
  • Application of legal regulations for security services
  • Economics and social studies
  • Security and safety concepts
  • Security-oriented costumer consultation
weaponry expertise

according to the german weapons law

  • weapons law
  • shelling law
  • emergency assistance
  • knowledge about weapon technology of firearms
  • proper operation of firearm action
  • ballistics, range and mode of action of the projectile
  • prohibited articles and their function and mode of action
  • safe handling of firearms and ammunition in accordance with the regulations for health and safety
  • shooting practice exercises with pistol and shotgun
  • target practice and shooting exam on a shooting stand
training course for first-aid
training course for fire protection assistant
  • fire protection regulation and escape and rescue plans
  • preventive measures
  • behaviour in cases of fire
  • behaviour after a fire
  • fire protection devices in plants and factories
  • basics principles of combustion and fire-extinguishing theory
  • fire-extinguishing agents and extinguishers
  • handling of different fire extinguishers
statutory exam for the guarding business

according to § 34a GewO of the german trade law

Specialist for Desktop Publishing & Webdesign (print compositor)
  • computer aided pre-press stage
  • image processing with Adobe Photoshop
  • graphic design with Adobe Illustrator
  • creating print-publications with QuarkXPress (Adobe InDesign)
  • building websites with Adobe GoLive
basic military service

Psychological Operations (PSYOPS)

3. PSV-Bataillon 850

printer for letterpress & offset printing

basic professional education


Computerhilfe und SchulungComputerprobleme?
Hier bekommen Sie Erste Hilfe bei PC- Problemen, z.B.

  • Kaufberatung & Neubau
  • Installation des Betriebssystems
  • Konfiguration des Computers
  • Austausch defekter Hardware
  • Einrichten des Internetzugangs
  • Software-Schulung Office etc.

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